Some Things Are Beyond Therapy

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1. Introduction to treatment
2. Dead Inside
3. Heal My Scars
4. Deeper Into You
5. Potential
6. Shutting Down
7. Beyond Therapy
8. Then I Found You
9. Wired For Destruction
10. Memory
11. Wasting



Self-titled EP

Available on Beyond Therapy Records
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1. Devotion

2. Heal My Scars

3. Memory

4. This Life

5. Living Filth



Compilation Appearances


Electronic Saviors: Volume II
Ludovico Technique -- This Life (Lexincrypt remix)













Endzeit Bunkertracks - Act V
This Life









Beyond Therapy Records -Therapeutic Vol. 1
Ludovico Technique - This Life (Evast remix)










Dark Horizons - Drowned Visions
Ludovico Technique - This Life (Remixed by God Experiment)









iVardensphere - I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol. 2
Cracked Earth (Ludovico Technique Remix)









Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing Single
Treacherous Thing (Ludovico Technique Remix)










FREAKANGEL - 'Let It All End' Limited edition
Parasite (Ludovico Technique remix)









Lexincrypt – Scar Tissue
Misanthropic Me (Ludovico Technique Remix)









Helltrash – A Digital Fist: Reincarcirated
I Am The Enemy (Ludovico Technique Remix)









Polluted Axis – The Trephining Manual
The Trephining Manual (Ludovico Technique Mix)










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Some Things Are Beyond Therapy

Some Things Are Beyond Therapy
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